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A Winter Wonderland in Wiler, Switzerland (2009)

Photo courtesy of Marjon Rodijk


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I woke up to this beautiful sight! A snow-covered earth; our first snow in December!

There’s something about the sight of snow at dawn, when the world is asleep and everything seems so pure and clean, untouched.

This makes me happy.  This makes my heart sing.

Maybe its the Christmas spirit.  Maybe its the celebration of all the good things this year has brought.  Maybe its the coming of a new year and the promise of hope it brings; a brighter tomorrow. Another chance to right the wrongs and look forward to better times.

Of stepping away from the heartaches of the past and a renewed energy to focus on all things good and wonderful.

I am thankful for this quiet moment before mankind wakes up and leaves footprints on this pristine earth; before the sun breaks through the clouds and melts everything into mush.

Looking out from my glass window… I know that today is going to be one fine winter day. 

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Blissful moments

I’m at a point in my life where I am rediscovering a part of me, which has lain dormant through all my crazy, wild partying days.

I’m beginning to love more the quiet afternoon walks I have on sunny days. I love going through the forests and coming out of the woods greeted by the sight of glistening lakes with thick, green grassy banks where I can lie down and just gaze at the blue skies above…  I love  picking red and black wild berries shooting out from the thick bushes along the way, and the simple freshness of its texture and taste in my mouth there and then just makes me giggle like a child discovering her own world for the first time and being truly happy with it at that very moment!

I enjoy sitting at the canal cafes while reading my book or having afternoon tea with my friends; waving at the people on their boats passing by.

And yes, I love waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice on early chilly mornings, hangover-free! I look forward to all the excitement it brings to my senses! And when I see the rays of the sun gently breaking through the clouds, I take in all the beauty and crispness of daybreak and think to myself what a lovely day this will be!

These moments… so simple and yet, oh what joy they bring me!

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