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This arrived in the mail today.

Microsoft Office for Mac2008

Given the fierce competition between Apple and Microsoft, who would have thought that the latter would be producing software for the Macintosh platform?

The music industry realized that they couldn’t sue everyone who shares or downloads free music for online piracy. Following dwindling music sales, they agreed to work with online retailers; an acknowledgment that the web is one medium they can no longer ignore.

Seth Godin, the American author of bestselling business books, said it best in his blog, You don’t have the power:

“Movie execs thought they had the power to fight TV. Record execs thought they had the power to fight iTunes. Magazine execs thought they had the power to fight the web. Newspaper execs thought they had the power to fight Craigslist.”

Which leads me to hope for more collaboration in other industries in the future, particularly: modern medicine with naturopathy.

My eldest daughter has been suffering from mild eczema for over a year. Our family doctors have advised that it is a genetic condition, there is no cure and it will go away on its own as she grows older. I have inquired countless times over a period of repeated consultations if the condition was triggered by certain foods and they have constantly reassured me it has nothing to do with her diet. They prescribed continuous application of Vaselinette cream which moisturizes the skin and hydrocortisone creams for flare ups specially in the winter months.

I refused to believe them when they told me there is no solution and I was bent on finding out the cause in order to arrive at the cure. I turned to a friend, an alternative medicine therapist who informed me about the triggers of eczema. After a consultation she explained that my daughter had immune reactions to certain foods and given her genetic predisposition, this led to her having eczema.

She recommended following the blood type diet and by slowly eliminating foods like dairy and wheat, my daughter is now itching less, has not had any flare ups this winter and her skin looks clearer by the day.

So the next time I run into a parent whose child has the same condition, who do you think will I recommend?

Smart organizations know that working against the competition is a thing of the past. When it comes to healing, there shouldn’t be any  rigid nor drawn lines between prescription drugs or alternative medicine.  Collaboration is vital.

Businesses and institutions need to work together and build on each other’s best practices to serve their end consumers well. This is a win-win for everyone.

And this is one marriage guaranteed to last.


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