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New Year always brings about resolutions.  But before we resolve to do the things that we haven’t been doing, why not take stock of the present and decide to leave behind things and practices not worth continuing?

1) The job you hate.

If you have been dreading your waking hour for the most part of this year because you have to go to work, then its time to fold.  Make an exit plan.  Starting now.  You determine whether you want to be an entrepreneur or be an employee in a company you love to work for.  Either way, write down a step by step action plan to make sure that six months from now you will be doing something that you love instead of something that brings in a monthly paycheck only.

This is the year you decide that you will have both.  Because you can.

2) The relationship that stifles.

Are you with somebody who limits your growth instead of enhancing it?  If you feel like you have exhausted all communication channels and stated clearly what you both need and can offer to each other and still nothing works, its time to move on.

Life is too short to spend it with people who do not share your dreams.

3) The friend who smothers.

There are people who suck your energy after spending one hour with them.  They are the ones who gripe about what an ugly day it is, or how disgusting the food is in a restaurant and how the world is never enough.  If you hang out with such people and walk away every single time as if the life has been drained out of you and you feel like screaming your head off, its time to stay away from them. For good.  For your own sake.

4) The credit card charges.

Are you cash strapped as you enter the New Year?  Would you have been more liquid had you decided to skip the latest Blackberry on the market; or bought a Renault instead of the BMW which you are struggling now to maintain?

Realize that the things you own do not define you as a person.  And the next time you want to buy an expensive item, save for it.  An empty bank account is un-cool.

Keeping up with the Joneses has never been good for everyone’s pockets, and you’re still left with the credit card debts to pay.

5) The stuff which clutters.

Let go of things which consume space but do not add value:  the shoes you haven’t worn in a year or the clothes (with price tags still attached) in your closet for the last 3 months.  Somebody else will benefit from those.  And you will brighten someone’s day.

What can you add to this list as 2009 draws to a close?  Would love to read your thoughts below.


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